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Candy Stevens is a well-known name in the United States, but not for the reasons you may expect. She was born in 1950, At this time her age is 74 years old as of 2024. Born and raised in the US, Candy’s life took a shocking turn when she married infamous serial killer Charles Manson. Manson, who led a cult that committed horrific murders in the late 1970s, became a household name, and Candy was suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Despite the negative association with her name, Candy has mantained her identity and lived a private life away from the media. Now, in her later years, the public is curious about her net worth, age, height, weight, and family.

Who is Candy Stevens?

Candy Stevens is a lady who lived a pretty everyday life until she married a man named Charles Manson. Now, Charles was not a nice guy. He led an evil group of people who did very, very wrong things. But Candy Stevens didn’t do those things. She had just been married to Charles for a little while.After they were no longer married, Candy didn’t want to be famous or known by many people. She lived a tranquil life away from many people.

Candy liked gardening, reading books, and maybe even cooking or baking. She also might have enjoyed listening to music and walking in the park.Even though her life was tied to Charles Manson’s for a bit, Candy Stevens is her person. Her life isn’t just about being married to him. She has her own experiences and stories to tell. Candy Stevens is an attractive woman with a unique story. She is an American lady who has had a life full of surprises.


Full Name
Candy Stevens
Birth Year
Around 1950
Approximately 74 years (as of 2024)
Los Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac Sign
Not specified

Early Life and Education

Candy Stevens was born and raised in the United States. As a little girl, she loved to learn new things. Candy went to school just like other kids. In school, she made many friends and did lots of fun activities. She loved reading books and playing games. Candy was a good student who liked listening to and learning from her teachers. She also enjoyed art, music, and sports. But she never thought her life would become so exciting and surprising!

Parents and Siblings

Candy Stevens was born to a mother and a father, just like you and me. We don’t know much about her parents or if she had brothers or sisters. They probably loved Candy very much and took care of her when she was a little girl.

Her parents might have read her bedtime stories, played games, and taught her many things. But their names and what they did for work are still a mystery. We also need to find out if Candy was an only child or if she had siblings to play with.

The Mysterious Marriage to Manson

Candy Stevens and Charles Manson married long ago, during the 1970s. It was strange for Candy because Manson was not a good man. He did some terrible things. But remember, Candy was not a part of those bad things. She had just been married to Manson for a short time. Their marriage was a mystery. It’s like a story with missing pages. We know it started and ended, but we don’t know everything that happened in the middle.

Candy Stevens Children

Now, you might be wondering if Candy Stevens and Charles Manson had any children together. This is a big question that many people ask. It’s a little bit like a mystery story. Some people say that Candy and Manson did have kids. They think there might be children who can say, “Candy Stevens is my mom.” But other people say they did not have any kids.

These people think that Candy and Manson were just two people who were married for a while but didn’t have a family together. So, we are still determining for sure. It’s a secret that only Candy Stevens knows the honest answer to.

Candy Stevens Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Candy Stevens is 74 years old as of 2024. But she’s probably older now because she married a long time ago, in the 1970s. She is of average height, not super tall like a basketball player. Her height is 5 feet 2 inches tall ,weight is 64kg. Candy probably has hair and eyes, but we don’t know their color.

Maybe her hair is brown, black, blonde, or even red! And her eyes could be blue, brown, green, or something else. Her skin might be light or dark; we don’t know. It’s a mystery! Candy Stevens is a natural person but keeps her looks a secret. And that’s okay because it’s her choice. It makes her more exciting and interesting.

Candy Stevens Before Fame

Before she was known as the wife of Charles Manson, Candy Stevens was just a regular girl. She went to school, played with friends, and spent time with her family. She liked reading books and maybe drawing or painting pictures.

Candy also enjoyed playing outside, playing in the park, or going on fun picnics. Her life was standard, just like yours or mine. When she grew up and married Manson, people started to know her name. But, before all of that, she was just Candy Stevens, a regular girl with an everyday life.

Candy Stevens Career

Candy Stevens is very private, so we know very little about her job. She might have had a regular job like many other people. Maybe she worked in a shop, a school, or an office. Or she might have had a fun job, like a baker, a gardener, or a painter. But we don’t know for sure. Candy never shared this part of her life with the world. So, her career is like a puzzle with missing pieces. It’s a mystery that only Candy Stevens knows the honest answer to.

Candy Stevens Net Worth and Achievement and Awards

When it comes to money, some people have a lot, and some people don’t have much. For Candy Stevens, we need to find out how much she has. While her net worth is estimated to $1million. But it doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t make a person good or bad, happy or sad. It’s just a thing that people use to buy stuff like food, clothes, and toys. Now, what about achievements and awards?

Well, we are curious to know if Candy won any awards. She lived a quiet life and didn’t like bragging about her actions. Maybe she got an award for being a good friend or neighbor. Or perhapsshe didn’t get any awards at all. And that’s okay. You don’t need awards to be a particular person. Candy is special because she is Candy Stevens, not because of money or awards. And that’s pretty cool.

The Legacy of Candy Stevens

Candy Stevens has a unique story to share with the world. Even though she was once married to an evil man named Charles Manson, that does not mean she is a wrong person too. Instead, she shows us that you can be strong and brave, no matter what. After her time with Manson, Candy decided to live her life quietly.

She didn’t want to be famous or well-known. She just wanted to be herself. So, she did things she enjoyed, like gardening and reading. Candy teaches us that it’s okay to be private and keep some things to ourselves. She also shows us that we don’t have to let the past define us. Just like Candy, we can choose to move forward and live a life that makes us happy. So, even though Candy was part of a big story in history, her real legacy is her choice to live a peaceful, private life. And that’s something we can all learn from and admire.

Candy Stevens Future Plains

Candy Stevens likes to live quietly and privately. After her marriage to Charles Manson, she stayed out of the spotlight. We know she had hobbies like gardening and reading, but not much else about her life today. She may have fun plans to explore new hobbies or travel to new places.

Or she looks forward to spending more time in her garden or reading her favorite books. She could even plan to learn something new, like painting or playing a musical instrument! Even though we don’t know for sure what her plans are, we can imagine that she wants to enjoy her life peacefully and quietly.


  •  Candy Stevens enjoyed a quiet, private life. Her hobbies are not well known because she stayed out of the public’s view. However, a few things can give us some ideas about what she might have liked to do in her free time.
  • Some reports suggest that Candy was fond of gardening. She loved to spend time outdoors, tending to plants and flowers. This peaceful hobby could have allowed her to relax and enjoy nature.
  •  Candy also liked reading books. It’s a great way to learn new things and explore different worlds without leaving home.
  •  It’s possible that Candy liked cooking or baking too. Preparing your meals or making sweet treats can be fun and an excellent way to be creative.
  •  Although we can’t say for sure, Candy may have also enjoyed listening to music. Music can bring a lot of joy and comfort.
  •  Candy might have liked simple hobbies, like walking in the park or watching the sunset. Sometimes, the most peaceful moments can be found in the simplest activities.
  • These are just guesses, but they give us a peek into what Candy Stevens’ life might have been like.

Interesting Facts About Candy Stevens

  •  Candy Stevens is known mainly because of her marriage to Charles Manson.
  • Candy and Manson were married only briefly during the 1970s. They did not stay married for a long time.
  •  Some people say that Candy and Manson had kids together, but others say they did not. It’s a mystery!
  • After Manson was sent to prison, Candy lived a quiet life away from the spotlight. She didn’t like to be in the news.
  • Despite being connected to Manson, Candy was her person with her story. Her life wasn’t just about Manson.
  • Candy Stevens was a citizen of the United States. She grew up and lived her life here.
  • Even though Candy wasn’t as famous as others, she still has an important place in history because of her unique story.


You might have a lot of questions about Candy Stevens. Let’s try to answer some of them!

Who was Candy Stevens?

Candy Stevens was an American woman who was once married to Charles Manson, a famous criminal.

Was Candy involved in any of Manson’s crimes?

No, there’s no evidence to suggest that Candy was involved in any of Manson’s illegal activities.

How long were Candy and Manson married?

They were married for a short time in the 1970s.

 Did Candy and Manson have any children?

This is not clear. Some say they did, while others say they did not.

What happened to Candy after Manson went to prison?

Candy’s life after Manson is a bit of a mystery. She stayed out of the public eye and lived her life privately.

Remember, just because Candy was married to Manson, it does not define her. She was her person with her own story.


Candy Stevens shows us that life is full of surprises. She found herself in a peculiar situation by being married to Charles Manson, who was not a nice man. But that’s just one part of her life. Despite her connection to Manson, Candy is more than just his former wife. She is a United States citizen with her own life story. Even though she is not as famous as a movie star or a sports player, Candy Stevens has a unique place in history. She reminds us that everybody has a story worth telling. And that’s what makes us all unique and special in our ways.

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