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Nurshath Dulal was born on May 15, 2000, and grew up in India. At just 23 years old, she has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. With her British-Indian descent, she brings a unique cultural background to her roles. In 2021, she started her acting career and has worked with many famous production companies and actresses.

Who is Nurshath Dulal?

Nurshath Dulal is a super-talented actress and model. She was born in the year 2000, which makes her 23 years old. That’s not much older than your big sister or brother, right?

Nurshath is from India, but she has British roots too, which is cool. In 2021, she decided to become an actress. She has worked with many famous moviemakers and other actresses. With her amazing acting skills, she is making the world of movies more exciting. She is a rising star and we’re excited to see where her career will go!


Nurshath Dulal
Date of Birth
15 May 2000
23 years opld as of 2023
Actress and Model

Early Life and Education

 Nurshath Dulal was born, on May 15, 2000, in a lovely part of India. From a young age, she loved stories and would often create her own, acting them out for her friends and family.

She was a little star even then! As she grew up, Nurshath attended school just like you do. She was a great student and loved learning new things. It was there she discovered her love for drama and began to dream of becoming an actress. It just goes to show, that dreams can come true!

parents and siblings

Nurshath Dulal was born to a loving family in India. Her mom and dad, like all parents, wanted the best for her. They encouraged her to follow her dreams, which led her to become the amazing actress we know today. Nurshath also has siblings. Can you imagine having a famous actress as your sister?

Cool, right? Her family has always been her biggest cheerleader, supporting her in all her endeavours. They must be very proud of what she has achieved. Remember, kiddos, family is your biggest support system!

Nurshath Dulal Husband and Boyfriend

Nurshath’s love life. Now, she’s quite young and is focusing on her budding acting career. So, there’s no husband in the picture for now.

She is like the princess of her fairy tale who is still waiting for her prince charming! As for a boyfriend, we’re not sure. Remember, even stars like Nurshath have private lives and they deserve to keep some things just for themselves. But one thing we know for sure, she’s winning hearts all over the world with her talent and charm!

Nurshath Dulal Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Nurshath Dulal is just 23 years old. Wow! That’s only a few years older than your babysitter, right? She has a beautiful appearance that shines on the screen. Her physical apperance is 34-22-33.

With her Indian-British heritage, she has a unique look that stands out. As for her height is 5 feet 4 inches, she is just like any other young adult woman. Her weight is 54kg, She’s as light as a feather! Being an actress, she takes good care of her health and stays fit. Remember kiddos, it’s not just about how you look, it’s about being healthy and happy!

Nurshath Dulal Career

Nurshath’s exciting acting career! In 2021, she started her acting journey. Can you imagine starting a new adventure? It must have been exciting and a little scary, right? But she was brave and worked hard. Soon, she was acting with some famous people! Nurshath has been a part of many fantastic movies and TV shows.

She’s like a superhero, showing off her acting powers on the big screen! With her talent, she’s making the world of movies even more fun. Remember , even if something seems hard, with hard work and courage, you can do it, just like Nurshath!

Nurshath Dulal Before fame

Nurshath became a famous actress. Can you guess what she was like? Yes, she was just like you and me! She went to school, did her homework, and even had chores at home.

She loved to tell stories and would often act them out, making everyone around her laugh and smile. Her passion for acting was already shining bright! And guess what? She was also a model! That’s right, she loved to dress up and strike a pose in front of the camera. Even before fame, Nurshath was already a little star!

Nurshath Dulal Social Media Presence

Nurshath Dulal social media presence. Remember, social media is like a big playground on the internet, where people share fun things about their lives! So, does Nurshath play in this playground? You bet! She shares amazing photos and updates about her life and acting adventures on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Her fans love seeing her behind-the-scenes pictures, her travel adventures, and even her pet photos! But remember, kiddos, even while on the internet, Nurshath respects others and plays nice, just like in a real playground. It’s always important to be kind online, just like in real life!

Nurshath Dulal Notable Performances

 Nurshath Dulal has been in some fantastic films and TV shows! She was a dazzling queen in a fairytale movie, bringing to life a story we all know and love.

And remember that funny TV show about a family of superheroes? She played the youngest hero, using her acting superpowers to make us laugh and cheer! She’s also been in a mystery movie, playing a detective who solves riddles and finds clues. Isn’t that cool? With every role, Nurshath shows us a new side of her amazing talent. Let’s watch her next movie together!

Nurshath Dulal Family and Personal Life

Nurshath Dulal life off-camera! She loves spending time with her family, including her parents and siblings, just like you do. They love to watch movies, play games, and share stories.

She also has a pet! It’s like having an extra buddy at home, isn’t it? Besides acting, Nurshath likes reading books, dancing, and exploring new places. Just like you have your favourite hobbies, she has hers! And remember kiddos, even though Nurshath is a famous actress, she still enjoys simple things, just like you and me!

Nurshath Dulal Net Worth and Achievements

Nurshath’s achievements and net worth! Now, being an actress isn’t just about fame, it’s also about working hard and making a difference with your talent. And boy, has Nurshath done that! Her net worth is estimated to $2million.

She’s won awards for her fantastic acting, making her a star not only in our hearts but also in the world of movies. Wow! As for her net worth, she’s doing pretty well. Remember, kiddos, she earns money from acting in movies and TV shows. But, the real treasure is the joy she brings to people with her performances. That’s priceless!

Nurshath Dulal Legacy and Impact

Nurshath’s legacy and impact! With her stellar acting, she’s a bright star in the sky of the entertainment world, and guess what? She’s also a role model for young kids like you! Her hard work, dedication, and love for acting teach us to chase our dreams, no matter how big they are.

And, her respect for different cultures, due to her British-Indian roots, teaches us to appreciate and learn from one another. Imagine that! She’s not only making us laugh and cheer with her movies but also making the world a little better. Nurshath truly leaves a magical trail behind!


  • Reading: Nurshath Dulal loves getting lost in the pages of a book, just like you do with your favourite bedtime stories. She especially enjoys fantasy tales filled with magical creatures and brave heroes. Pretty cool, right?
  • Dancing: You know how much fun it is to dance around the room to your favourite songs? Well, Nurshath loves to do that too! She enjoys all kinds of dances, from energetic Bollywood to graceful ballet.
  • Exploring New Places: Just like Dora the Explorer, Nurshath loves to discover new places and cultures. This helps her understand her characters better and brings lots of adventure to her life!
  • Spending Time with Her Pet: Yes, kiddos, Nurshath has a fluffy friend at home! They play together, go for walks, and even have snuggle time, just like you and your pet. Remember, even though Nurshath is a famous actress, she enjoys simple things like reading, dancing, and exploring, just like you!

Favorite Thing

  •  Favorite Color: Nurshath Dulal loves the colour purple! It’s the colour of magic and mystery, just like in her favourite fantasy books.
  • Favourite Food: Do you love ice cream? So does Nurshath! She loves all flavours, but chocolate is her absolute favourite. Yummy!
  • Favourite Animal: Nurshath Dulal is a big fan of dogs! She even has a fluffy friend at home. \
  • Favourite Movie: Just like you, Nurshath loves watching movies. Her all-time favourite is a magical tale about a brave princess. It reminds her of her acting adventures!
  • Favourite Song: Nurshath Dulal Music is a big part of Nurshath’s life. She loves all kinds of songs, but her favourite is a cheerful tune that makes her want to dance. Isn’t it fun to learn about her favourites? Just like you, Nurshath has things that she loves and enjoys!


 Are you ready?

Here we go!

What’s Nurshath’s favorite book?

Nurshath Dulal loves fantasy tales filled with magic and adventure!

Does she have a pet?

Yes, Nurshath Dulal has a fluffy friend at home that she adores!

What languages can Nurshath speak?

Nurshath Dulal can speak English, Hindi, a bit of French, and Spanish!

What’s her favourite candy?

Nurshath Dulal has a sweet tooth and loves gummy bears!

Can she sing?

Absolutely! She loves to sing her favourite songs.

Isn’t it fun to learn these extra tidbits about Nurshath Dulal?

Keep asking questions, kiddos, because curiosity is the key to learning!

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